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Intimates by MIS

Your Wish Is My Command - 3pc Set

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$30.00 USD

Set includes 3 piece dice (black OR white), bullet (black, silver OR gold), and 1 pair of handcuffs (red OR black) including a key. 

Colors will be selected at random. 

Bullet: 10 speeds, mini bullet vibrator. Batteries not included. Requires 1 AAA battery

These dice are for the people who aren't afraid to try something new and spicy. Simply roll the dice and follow the commands.

FOREPLAY: Take turns rolling the two square dice together. The player rolling the dice shall be the recipient. One die instructs the player(s) on the ACTION to be performed, while the other die instructs the player(s) on the specific BODY PART.

The third die DEPICTS SEXUAL POSITIONS. Roll this die once you're all warmed up and ready. Take turns to roll simultaneously, and act out the positions.

Includes 3 dice: 2 for foreplay, 1 for positions

Suggested age: 18+ 
Material: Acrylic